Interactive projections from streetlights surprise their passers-by on the sidewalk.

Modulair Pavilion

Architectural structure that is configurable according to the function of the building.

Lightwork City Library

Illuminative artwork playing with position, motion and vision.

Sawtooth Factory

We built the workspace of our dreams to create wonderful projects for the world.

Bronze Sculpture #1 #2 #3

Bronze sculptures series.

Retractable Roof Dining

Sliding roof opens up sky above the chefs table.

Bronze Sculpture #1

Metal casting from 3D printed design.

AI Revolt

Science Fiction film shot with drone camera's.

3D Renders

Showcasing artworks in architecture.

Observatory System

The observatory telescope is lifted through the floor.

Retractable Roof Villa

A sliding roof right above the villa master bedroom.

Digital Puppeteering

Puppeteering in the digital era.


The Audiofloor is a playful music platform to compose interactive sounds and rhythms with your feet.

Doodle3D Transform

Create 3D designs by simply drawing.


Remote control touch interface for audiobook recording studio's.


Reintroducting principles of human forgetfulness to digital memory.


A machine that exchanges beer for pee proportionally.


An interactive music system to mix sounds using 'smart' classic cassette tapes.

Use Your Head

A game to reflect on the use of urban space.


A theatre show that transforms spectators to performers.


Umbrella's reflect the festival visitors moods.