Interactive projections from streetlights surprise their passers-by on the sidewalk.

Straatbeeld invites you to reflect on the beauty of the night. The lanterns that shine their light in dark streets surprise their passers-by with a spectacle. Passers-by are encouraged to be part of an interactive performance that responds to their presence. In this way the pavement transforms into a stage and a connection is created between people and the environment.

Interactive scenes are projected onto the sidewalk from street lights. The lampposts are equiped with sensors that can detect when a person walks by in order to respond to their presence. This creates a direct dialogue between passers-by and the sidewalk. Each lantern presents its own performance and so brings a unique experience at every location.

The projections have been designed by various artists. The project was conceived, designed and developed in collaboration between Jop Erken from Uitvindersgilde and Studio Arne Boon. The project was initially developed for Spoken Art Community.


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