• Interactivity

    We are a design studio specialised in interactive products. We merge disciplines in creativity, design and technology to create innovative projects that inspire and involve your audience.

  • Design

    We create interactive designs that are beautiful on the outside and clever on the inside.

  • Technology

    We are your one-stop-shop for interactive projects. We combine design disciplines and engineering technologies to not only shape but actually build projects.

Featured Projects


Interactive projections from streetlights surprise their passers-by on the sidewalk.

Modulair Pavilion

Architectural structure that is configurable according to the function of the building.

Lightwork City Library

Illuminative artwork playing with position, motion and vision.

Sawtooth Factory

We built the workspace of our dreams to create wonderful projects for the world.

Bronze Sculpture #1 #2 #3

Bronze sculptures series.

Retractable Roof Dining

Sliding roof opens up sky above the chefs table.

Bronze Sculpture #1

Metal casting from 3D printed design.

AI Revolt

Science Fiction film shot with drone camera's.

3D Renders

Showcasing artworks in architecture.

Observatory System

The observatory telescope is lifted through the floor.

More Projects


“Our design goal is to trigger peoples wonderment. About a reaction or an experience, but especially about themselves. We evoke this using interactivity.”

Founder Arne Boon

Blinking a light at the touch of a button. The internal workings that drive this are simply magnificent. Fascinated by making things work Arne creates interactive systems that trigger peoples wonderment. Arne is an inventor crossing borders between the physical and digital domains. An engineer with a curiosity for the powerful possibilities of interactivity. An artist who is creative with technologies. A versatile professional leading interdisciplinary teams. Since young age Arne has been tinkering with toolboxes. As a student Arne choose for creativity by enrolling in the arts academy at the faculty Art, Media and Technology. This resulted in a Bachelor in Interaction Design and a Master of Arts in Design for Digital Cultures. With this creative background Arne continued his studies at university with a Master of Science in Media Technology. The study curriculum was extended with an exchange program in Japan and courses in Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship. Studio Arne Boon was founded in 2011.


Feel free to send and email to info@studioarneboon.nl or give us a call, contact details below.

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